PUBG 7.1 patch notes: New update Remakes Snow Map Vikendi

PUBG Corp has released a new update for PlayerUnknown s Battlegrounds, which has recently long past into season . replace . sees the acknowledgment of Vikendi, PUBG s snow-covered map that changed into eliminated again in season when Karakin became introduced to the battle royale game. it s no longer the same Vikendi you remember, despite the fact. 

As which you can see in the image embedded below, the snow levels for Vikendi have been adjusted once once again. as a result of this exchange, each snowbikes and snowmobiles have additionally been removed and changed with motorcycle and motorcycle with sidecar automobiles. relocating trains accept also been introduced to Vikendi, which snake around and right through the map and stop at newly implemented stations. communicable a instruct offers a short approach of escaping the area bank or just accepting round. 

no longer handiest has lots of the snow left, a number of places–like Movatra–are long gone too.

locations round Vikendi have modified as neatly. both the Tovar and Movatra landmarks were fully eliminated, while the brand-new cargo depot has been brought and abbey relocated to where a baby apple as soon as rested on mount Kreznik. further capability of cowl had been delivered to the initiate streets of Volnova too, and Dino esplanade has been fully adapted into the much larger Dinoland. 

Dinoland presents far more locations for hiding and annexation–it be certain to develop into Vikendi s most recent hot chapter.

you can also now discover a brand new weapon on Vikendi: the Mosin-Nagant. The weapon marks a primary for PUBG, because it s a brand new weapon that s only a reskin of an older gun–but PUBG will proceed to accept each accoutrements exist on the identical time. we ve decided to check out the concept of shared carbon weapons, PUBG Corp wrote within the replace . application notes. For all intents and applications, the Mosin-Nagant is a Kark. The stats, accessories, ammunition, and many others. are all at once affected from the Kark, however the Mosin will function its own seem and sound. PUBG Corp introduced the Mosin with a view to actualize,more weapon diversity without diminishing the provision of the weapons players like to consume. 

the full patch addendum for replace . are listed beneath. 

Vikendi is returned!Trains had been brought and may be found moving along multiple advance throughout Vikendi there s an immense train band that extends alongside the perimeter of Vikendi, with related advance towards the civil areas of the island Trains cease briefly at coach stations across the map decreased snow cowl Snow cover is decreased extra on the Southern areas of the island Snowbikes and Snowmobiles had been eliminated motorcycle and bike with sidecar will spawn in its place, actuality greater versatile vehicles for the up to date area climate can be either bright or albino. moonlight has been eliminated for now, but will acknowledgment with visible improvements at a later date. well-known map optimizations have been fabricated that you could play the up-to-date Vikendi in customized suits a brand new cargo depot has been added Dino park has been replaced by means of the larger, extra dazzling Dinoland abbey has been relocated to mount Kreznik Volnova now has a good deal extra cowl Tovar and Movatra had been removed nice of existence advancementsMatchmaking can now be annulled whereas searching other menus slight changes have been made to button adjustment and visuals community debug UI has been bankrupt up to be less intrusive whereas taking part in The alter information is now enabled by absence and can be disabled in the Gameplay tab of the Settings network indicator icons had been eliminated TDM suit outcomes will now show gamers who ve these days left the healthy amount button now works appropriately back changing blue Coupons to BP different adjustments: slight visible alterations to arcade matchmaking UI to be greater in keeping with public suits TDM UI has been better eliminated decimal aspects from the scores for improved readability Panzerfaust and Mosin-Nagant had been introduced to training approach Tommy Gun s figure has been up-to-date to replicate the these days added balustrade dermis & objectsDinoland T-shirts obtainable April except July labor Day skins available April unless may additionally aerial bird close Pillow baby endure sleep masks beddy-bye mask trojan horse FixesGameplay abjectcontinuing again and again whereas advertisements might cause the animation alteration to dribble No adverts alteration animation whereas the usage of the Canted afterimage avid gamers could blow via wallsceilings of structures by aggressive or the use of ledge-grab This situation turned into mounted with weekly protection April player’s view would momentarily be obstructed through any large backpack while advertisements in a Motor Glider avid gamers might adverts briefly after coming into the BRDM when reviving in FPP the camera would once in a while be in the flawed position curativeadvocacy averted the commuter of a buggy from axis as it should be while inclined in TPP players may ads to unintended angles with out their lessen body rotating players may accidentally employ ARDMRSR within the motorcycle’s rear seat Characters would angular to the left whereas riding a motorcycle after breaking destructable fences player s digicam would abstract from the personality afterwards reloading a weapon while ads in a Motor Glider whereas protecting throwables, in certain cases they may abatement to the floor and afford consequences for that participant, devoid of the armament in reality being used flare Gun may go with the flow mid-air whereas looking on the sky and urgent the ‘check up on’ key back a Molotov changed into shot mid-air bonfire wouldn’t bear on the ground below the element of explosion Throwable aisle line wouldn’t line up with the course the personality became dealing with while in a vehicle participant s physique may bend while aiming with a affray weapons whereas in a vehicles passenger seat Tommy Gun s rear sight would disappear in certain cases complete Footsteps would be deadened after exiting a Motor Glider UMP gunshots could be heard additional away than meant ammo ricochet sounds weren’t actuality played UIUX blank gadgets might once in a while be displayed within the stock UI present season menu in the profession tab wouldn’t reveal this division s facts Some BP gadgets would look like accessible you probably have insufficient BP to make the buy pink Dot & Holo afterimage didn t mention Tommy Gun beneath Attachable Weapons team UI failed to screen thoroughly in observer mode whereas gazing a player afterwards they d crashed when the usage of a flare Gun the particular care package UI wouldn’t mild up eco-friendly in definite situations Weapon ability DBS stats weren’t actuality recorded Win kills have been being recorded beneath the DBS skin & merchandise Sunswiped activities anorak turned into clipping with other items

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